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"I went to Dr. Harrell on the recommendation of a friend in need of some full mouth restoration. We're talking whitening, crowns and even orthodontics. Though I knew I needed significant treatment, Dr. Harrell was very conservative in his approach and strove to find out what was most important to me while addressing his concerns. After seeing what a fair, caring and non-pressure dentist he is, I knew I had found a dental home. Not only that, my smile is now the way I've always wanted it!"
Marci George, San Clemente Realtor
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Satisfied Patients
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Dr. Harrell and his staff are truly extraordinary professionals. My first appointment was so calming. I am always greeted by extremely friendly, calm, upbeat staff.
​Dr. Harrell's excellent preparations along with Gary Sowle of Sowle Ceramics Laboratory provided me with a top-quality restoration (bridge crown). Everyone tells me that my smile is so natural - youthful! I am nearly 90 years young!

Dr. Harrell makes me feel so happy each visit. I have a heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for his expertise and caring ways. Dr. Harrell made my mouth feel natural again. He always brightens me up and I always leave with renewed spirits.

Just try San Clemente Smiles office. You will have a wonderful visit. 

Marie Louise Yriarte
Whittier, CA

A Very Special, Extraordinary, Talented, Caring Dentist!